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HAPPY PLANET. International Anti-war Project

О проекте

Radio GorodKudrovo (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) and International Art-project Happy Plate in cooperation with All-Russian movement of rock-musicians Anti-Army presents International Anti-war Project “Happy Planet”.

It is the competition of musical, art, photo works in the context of the anti-military project «Star Anti-Wars». We would like to invite people around the world to participate the project to tell the Humanity about the horrors of war.

People are being killed every day, aggression permeates the very air, we breathe. As long as they sell arms and gain outrageous, it’s inhumanely to talk about morality of military conflicts. Any war is just immoral act! We can and should be resist that. We protested to all wars around the world, going on under any pretexts. We stand up against hatred and making enemies. Together there’s much we can achieve!

There is a weekly program “Star Anti-Wars” in Radio GorodKudrovo broadcast. In the program artists, cultural figures, political scientists, government officials and other famous people take part in debates against the war, express the opposite views about necessity of armament or disarmament. The objectives of the program are the promotion of non-military ways all conflicts could be resolved, and the appeals for peace.

Radio Gorodkudrovo is on air. The program "Star Anti-Wars"

Many exhibitions of anti-war pictures were organized in Russia and other countres (Netherlands, Italy, Belarus, Germany etc.) in the context of our project,  including exhibitions  in Moscow Cremlin. Many organization around the World are involved in the Project and help us to present it for people.

A major exhibitions in different countries are planned in March, April and May 2019. The best paint and photo works of our participations will be exposed there.

The art exhibition in Moscow Cremlin, January 2018

The art exhibition in Museo Archeologico degli Ipogei, Puglia, Italy, June 2018

Every month musical anti-military festivals “Before it’s too late” take place in Saint-Petersburg. Dozens of rock bands submit their anti-military position. There are a lot of songs, calling to making peace in Russian Rock movement.
The major festivals “Give Peace a chance” and “We don’t need a war” will be arranged on the main Concert Areas of Saint-Petersburg in October 2018 and January 2019 on the date of 75 Anniversary of the lifting of the Blockade Leningrad. A lot of musical bands and legendary headliners will take part in the festivals.

The antiwar fest "Give Peace a Chance", Aurora ConcertHall,St-Petersburg, March2018

The best competition works will be represented on the exhibitions within the major rock-festivals “Give Peace a chance” and “We don’t need a war” will be arranged on the main Concert Areas of Saint-Petersburg in October and December 2018. A lot of musical bands and legendary headliners will take part in the festivals. Also its will be used for the stage decorations and installations on the main screens. Authors of the best works will be awarded with valuable prizes and will take part in the interview in radio broadcast through the Skype.

In the final of the project it is planed to publish a book, containing the best materials of participants, and to culminate the program in the major musical festival to be held in Saint-Petersburg.

The announcement and the rules of participations in the International art competition “Happy Planet”.

If you are a professional misician, photographer, painter or just amateur of these arts, we invite you to participate in the competition “Happy Planet”. For participation you need to acquaint with the Rules of the competition  (Regulation) and send your work. Regulation Happy Planet project (eng ver)

The requirements to competition works.

  1. The one theme for all categories of competition works – “WE PROTEST AGAINST THE WAR”
  2. Pictures and photos. The paint work should be designed as a circle. Every paint and photo work should be complemented by short written story.

Picture is creating on the paper list with the format not less then A4 (297*210mm) and not bigger then A2 (420×594 mm) in any drawing technique. The picture may be drawn manually or using the graphics software.

You need to send us the scan-copy or the photo. The file format is JPG, PDF,TIFF, resolution is not less 300 dpi.

  1. Songs.

The song may be written in any musical style. It may be performed in a professional recording studio by solo artist or musical band.  The lenght of the song is not restricted. The musical file format must be waw or mp3. The file size is not more than 30 mb.

Stories, poems and essays (outside the framework of  the Competition).

You can send us an anti-war documentary story or poem but not inside the competition program. The most interesting works will be included in book publishing in 2019.

Should be written in text format *.doc, *.docx, the font is Times New Roman, size 14, line-to-line spacing – 1,5;

Fields of the page: 3 cm left, 2 cm top and bottom, 1,5 cm right;

The volume of the work not bigger than 2500 signs with the spaces (1 page format А4)

The acceptance of applications and the first competitive stage is finished. The short-lists of all nominations you can see here http://gorodkudrovo.ru/news/itogi-pervogo-konkursnogo-etapa-proekta-schastlivaya-planeta/

Contacts of the Organizers :

196084, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, enb. Obvodny channel, 74Х

info@gorodkudrovo.ru www.gorodkudrovo.ru






HAPPY PLANET. International Anti-war Project

Anti-war Songs

  • Anty-Army We don't need a war
  • PilOt - Welcome to hell
  • Electropartizany feat. Andrey Greychainik (Ukraine) - At war as at war