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HAPPY PLANET live radio marathon

О проекте

20-21 February 2021

We are planning to organize and carry out the longest antiwar online radio live marathon — 31 hours or more of live performances only — in the broadcast of Radio Gorod Kudrovo. The marathon will be held within our annual antiwar project “Happy Planet”.

The mission of the “Happy Planet” project is to unite people from all over the world to live without wars and violence, to preserve peace and security on the planet.

We will be broadcasting live from the studio in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). All respondents from another cities and countries will be connected to broadcast via remote communication channels. The participant of this radio marathon will include famous musicians, poets, artists, officials, public figures, scientists, witnesses of hostilities and another caring people from all over the world. They will follow the antiwar theme in live broadcast. Musicians will sing the author’s antiwar songs, poets will recite the antiwar poems. We will talk about pacifism and the inadmissibility of armed conflicts, about different cultural efforts for keeping the peace to show that we are all people of the same world culture.

We would like to invite people around the world to participate the marathon. The project is supported by information partners from different countries, among them Vredesbeweging Pais (War Resisters’ International Netherlands), Museum voor vrede Gouda (Netherlands), Association of photo-cinema club «Foggia» (Italy) and others.

We will try to set Guinness Record in order to maximize the attention to antiwar theme from the media and the public of different countries.

Best regards, Project «Happy Planet’

Contacts of the Organizers :

196084, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, enb. Obvodny channel, 74Х

info@gorodkudrovo.ru www.gorodkudrovo.ru

20-21 February 2021 marathon Happy Planet

Together we are a Happy Planet!

Many exhibitions of anti-war pictures were organized in Russia and other countres (Netherlands, Italy, Belarus, Germany etc.) in the context of our project,  including exhibitions  in Moscow Cremlin. Many organization around the World are involved in the Project and help us to present it for people.

A major exhibitions in different countries are planned in March, April and May 2019. The best paint and photo works of our participations will be exposed there.

The art exhibition in Moscow Cremlin, January 2018

The art exhibition in Museo Archeologico degli Ipogei, 
Italy, June, 2019

There is the competition of musical, art, photo works in the context of the anti-war project «Happy Planet». We would like to invite people around the world to participate the project to tell the Humanity about dreams of world peace .

There is a weekly program “Star Anti-Wars” in Radio GorodKudrovo broadcast. In the program artists, cultural figures, political scientists, government officials and other famous people take part in debates against the war, express the opposite views about necessity of armament or disarmament. The objectives of the program are the promotion of non-military ways all conflicts could be resolved, and the appeals for peace.

Radio Gorodkudrovo is on air. The program "Star Anti-Wars"




HAPPY PLANET live radio marathon

Anti-war Songs

  • Electropartizany feat. Andrey Greychainik (Ukraine) - At war as at war
  • антиАрмия_-_Нам не нужна война (ЭлектропартиZаны и друзья) (1)
  • Лера-За мир